Co-Pay Assistance Program

The Pertzye® Co-Pay Assistance Program is a cardless program that is fulfilled through the Customer Support Department of the CF Services Pharmacy.

The maximum out-of-pocket co-pay expense is only $10.00 (for each 30 day prescription fulfillment) for eligible patients whose insurance covers Pertzye®.

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Co-Pay Assistance Program.

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Digestive Care, Inc. provides all institutions with the ability to offer an initial supply of PERTZYE® (pancrelipase) Delayed-Release Capsules "Free of Charge" to your patients thru the First Start ProgramSM. A First Start supply will be sent directly to your patient.


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First Start ProgramSM form.

Assistance ProgramSM

This program is available for patients with financial difficulties. Physicians apply for this program on behalf of their patients. Eligibility is determined on a case-by-case basis through a formal review process at Digestive Care, Inc. Upon approval, a FREE three month supply of Pertzye® will be sent to the requesting physician for distribution to their patient. If another supply is needed, the physician is to submit another enrollment form.*


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Assistance ProgramSM form.

Nutritional Rebate ProgramSM

For every 30 day prescription of Pertzye® that is filled, a patient is eligible to receive a maximum rebate of $25.00 from their purchase of vitamin supplements, high calorie drinks or other nutritional food sources. The rebate covers up to a total of $75.00 for each 90-day supply of Pertzye®.*

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Nutritional Rebate ProgramSM form.

*Patients receiving Medicare, Medicaid or are participating in any other State or Federal Subsidized Pharmacy Benefit Program are not eligible for the Assistance ProgramSM or the Nutritional Rebate ProgramSM.